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Our story

Built from the ground up on decades of success in food and tech.

In 2016, serial tech entrepreneurs Chris Baggot and Dan McFadden were discussing restaurant delivery and lamenting the poor condition most food arrives in—once it does finally arrive. They recognized that, as Baggott is fond of saying, “the enemy of good food is time,” and believed they could do better by re-thinking delivery from the ground-up.

While Baggott was already operating two successful restaurants, the pair recognized the need for a delivery-only kitchen with which to test their concept. At the time, ghost kitchens didn’t exist, so they made one: ClusterTruck.

Simultaneously, more and more restaurants tried—and struggled with—existing delivery solutions. Most of the time, those solutions resulted in overworked kitchens, disrupted dining rooms, slow deliveries, damaged food, and disappointed guests. By 2022, Baggott and McFadden knew their software could improve these restaurants’ delivery experiences; the time had come to share it with the world.

Empower Delivery was born, affording restaurants everywhere the same groundbreaking delivery capabilities that have powered ClusterTruck to unmatched efficiency and profitability for the last 7 years.

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