Say goodbye to third-party delivery headaches

Empower Delivery helps restaurant operators simplify order-to-driver assignment, improve the guest experience, and increase the profitability of direct and third-party delivery.

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Say Hello to better Restaurant Delivery

Dedicated, on-demand drivers

Control the last mile of your guests’ experience, without third-party contractors or full-time employees.

Better service with fewer errors

Deliver higher quality food in less time, and at a lower cost compared to outsourcing.

A screenshot of a delivery route on a mapA screenshot showing a delivery in progress
A screenshot of the driver hiring dashboard

Effortless On-Demand Driver Management

Less paperwork, more profit

The software manages everything from onboarding to payment for drivers, so you get the efficeincy of a 1099 driver fleet, without the extra work.

Set it and forget it

Our system works on its own and ensures you never deal with call outs, no shows, or sending drivers home.

Seamless operations, Profitable delivery

Less chaos

Our delivery experts help you set up your restaurant to optimize order-to-driver handoff and eliminate driver waiting.

More control

With Empower Delivery, you control your delivery fees. You’ll never ask: “Is delivery profitable for my business?” Because you’ll know.

A screenshot of profits in the delivery software
A screenshot showing that a driver is on their way

Delightful delivery, every time

Accurate guest order tracking

Allow guests to see where their food is from the moment it leaves the kitchen to the second it arrives.

Hot, delicious food

Set your own delivery zones so that your food is delivered hot and fresh by a dedicated driver.


Unlock simple, fast delivery

Empower Delivery was built by restaurant experts. We’ve been around the block and know how to offer better delivery to your guests.

Order Insert

Take orders from anywhere through integration or direct entry.

Order-to-Driver Matching

Handoff hot orders to any available driver.

Order Routing

Seamlessly share location information with drivers, and get them there - fast.

Driver Communication

Drivers can communicate with guests directly in the app for real-time order updates.

Tracking Link

Show your guests where their food is and exactly when it will arrive.

Driver Onboarding

Get your dedicated fleet up to speed, background-checked, and ready to drive.

Auto Dispatch

Should you need it, we’ve got your back with emergency third-party dispatch.

Auto Pay

Keep your drivers happy with daily pay in the app, no check-cutting required.

Ready to increase your profit on delivery?