Less Chaos,
more control

When your're doing 100+ deliveries per day and it's breaking your restaurant, Empower Delivery helps you streamline every step, ensuring smooth and efficient operation from kitchen to guest.

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Empower Delivery InterfaceA screenshot of the dashboard of the delivery management software
A woman receiving a food delivery
A screenshot showing that a driver is on their way

Continuous control through the last mile

Third-party delivery creates chaos in your restaurant and hurts the quality of your food. Instead, own your own direct delivery program, and take back control of your brand from start to finish.

Seamless kitchen-to-driver handoff

Pre-assigned order matching creates headaches for your staff. Simplify driver assignment and immediately eliminate wait times, improve order accuracy, and deliver food while it's still hot.

A screenshot of a delivery route on a mapA screenshot showing a delivery in progress
A list of drivers and their statuses

Effortless, on-demand driver management

Avoid dealing with drivers you don't know. Our software manages everything from onboarding to payment, so you get the benefits of dedicated, on-demand drivers without the extra work.

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