Restaurant Ops
July 15, 2024

Finding Drivers for Your Restaurant’s Self-Delivery: A Step-by-Step Guide

Learn how restaurants can start finding and managing drivers for self-delivery, optimizing their operations and maintaining control over the delivery process.

As the demand for restaurant delivery continues to grow, many restaurants are opting to manage their delivery services in-house. This move can significantly reduce costs and improve brand experience compared to third-party delivery services. 

A key element of this strategy is finding and managing drivers who can reliably deliver your food. Keep reading to learn how you can establish a successful self-delivery system using on-demand, gig drivers.

Why Gig Drivers are Best for Your Restaurant’s Self-Delivery

Choosing the right type of driver for your self-delivery is crucial. Gig drivers give you the flexibility to scale up or down the number of drivers based on demand, without ever sacrificing quality of service. 

Compared to in-house drivers who may require consistent hours and benefits, gig drivers work on-demand, which reduces your overhead costs. Because they are freelance workers, they manage their own benefits and hours. This means you get the benefit of on-brand drivers without having to commit to set hours or benefits. 

Compared to third-party delivery drivers, using gig drivers gives you more control over your brand experience, ensuring standards are upheld without the hefty fees that come with third-party delivery apps. 

5 Steps for Delivery Driver Recruitment and Management

So you’re sold on using gig drivers for your restaurant’s self-delivery. Now, let’s look at how to recruit and manage delivery drivers efficiently. Here are five essential steps to help you build and maintain a reliable team of gig drivers, ensuring your deliveries are fast, efficient, and up to your brand's standards. 

1. Create a Job Post

Craft a detailed job post highlighting the key responsibilities and qualifications needed for gig drivers at your restaurant. Make sure to emphasize the flexibility and earning potential of the role. 

What to include in a food delivery driver job posting: 

  • The job title: Keep it something generic like ‘Food Delivery Driver’ to cast a wide net
  • About section: Make sure to include an ‘About’ section to give applicants a good understanding of your restaurant’s brand and culture 
  • Top perks: Explain the top perks of the job, like one centralized kitchen so there is no waiting aimlessly around the city, and a limited delivery area that ensures a maximum 10-13 minute trip to the customer
  • Other key factors: List out other key factors of the job, like location, responsibilities and requirements, compensation model, any benefits, and preferred experience

2. Invite Candidates to Apply

Utilize digital platforms such as social media, your website, and local forums to drive workers to your job posting link. If you use Empower Delivery’s driver management software, we’ll provide this posting for you. This multi-channel approach helps capture the attention of as many potential drivers in your area as possible.

3. Conduct Background Checks

Once you have a good number of applicants, it’s important to conduct thorough background checks on all candidates. This should include checks on driving history and any criminal records. Empower Delivery’s dispatch and driver management software will automate this process for you. Once you’ve reviewed the results, you can select those who meet your standards.

4. Onboard

Onboard your gig drivers with any important training for how to best represent your brand and get work. Make sure they have downloaded the driver app to start accepting work, have connected their bank account for daily payments, and have added their vehicle. If you use Empower Delivery’s driver management software, our app handles the onboarding and payment process for you. 

5. Manage Your Drivers Efficiently

Finally, implement a delivery management software to streamline scheduling, real-time tracking, and communication with your drivers. Tools like Empower Delivery help in effectively managing day-to-day operations and enhancing driver performance through regular feedback and support.

Leverage Empower Delivery for Seamless Delivery Driver Management

Empower Delivery offers sophisticated solutions designed to manage your restaurant’s delivery operations in-house. Our delivery management software enables you to effectively handle everything from driver scheduling to dynamic route optimization and beyond. Our platform ensures that managing your own fleet of gig drivers is not only feasible, but also enhances your restaurant's ability to deliver exceptional service consistently. 

By integrating innovative delivery management software and streamlining delivery driver management, your restaurant is equipped to handle the complexities of delivery logistics with ease. This ensures a seamless integration of delivery services into your daily operations and boosts the profitability and sustainability of your food delivery program.