Empower Delivery Customer Named Pizza Marketplace Top 100 Mover & Shaker

ClusterTruck’s Pizzeria Camión Awarded as Top Tech Innovator

Indianapolis, IND. - March 28, 2023 – Empower Delivery is proud to announce one of their customers, Pizzeria Camión has been named to Pizza Marketplace’s inaugural 2023 Top 100 Movers & Shakers list. Utilizing Empower Delivery’s technology, Pizzeria Camión was honored for tech innovation at the awards celebrations during the International Pizza Expo on March 28th, 2023.

With so many changes to the restaurant industry since the COVID pandemic and a surge in the popularity of pizza and delivery, Pizza Marketplace created the Top 100 Movers and Shakers this year to recognize brands and executives that are shaping the future of pizza. Pizzeria Camión, part of the ClusterTruck family of virtual brands, was named one of the Top 15 Tech Innovators for their use of the Empower Delivery platform to streamline the delivery process.

Said Empower Delivery CEO, Meredith Sandland, “Pizza has long been the go-to cuisine for delivery occasions.  With new cuisine types becoming available via delivery, now is the time for pizza to innovate its delivery model to stay top-of-mind for consumers seeking the convenience of delivery.  Food quality, order accuracy, and speed of delivery differentiate brands available via delivery, and Empower Delivery software is purpose-built to maximize these key tenants of the consumer experience.”

Other Categories for this year included:
Top 15 Emerging Brands (brands less than 6 years old)
Top 15 Growth Brands (brands that have shown major growth over the past year)
Top 15 Tech Innovators (brands using tech in cool ways)
Top 15 Menu Innovators (brands doing interesting things with menu and LTOs)
Top 15 Marketing Campaigns (brands that had innovative marketing campaigns)
Top 25 Executives (the pizza industry's most influential leaders)

The Empower Delivery system includes capabilities for the main ingredients in a restaurant delivery order: the consumer, the kitchen and the driver.  With native first-party ordering, loyalty and marketing, the consumer journey is seamless.  With smart fire times, KDS (Kitchen Display System) orchestration and expo station management, kitchens operate quietly and efficiently.  With a driver app tuned to keep drivers busy, food is delivered promptly at low cost with happy drivers.

Pizzeria Camión (and ClusterTruck) Founder Chris Baggott said,"I can't emphasize enough how vital Empower Delivery has been to the success of our pizza restaurant. Time management is crucial in this business, and this software has revolutionized how we approach not only delivery times but also pizza freshness, driver efficiency, and cost reduction. Our customers now consistently receive the freshest pizzas possible, while our drivers maximize their income. Empower Delivery has truly been a game-changer for us."

Empower Delivery solves the complexity, the cost, and the poor experience that delivery-optimized restaurants face.  Empower Delivery is an end-to-end solution for food delivery, controlling the entire process.  With access to the full picture, the system uses data from each part of the process to inform decisions that optimize everything.  This holistic architecture has a significant impact on quality, speed, food and labor costs.

About Empower Delivery
Empower Delivery offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables delivery-centric restaurants to manage production end-to-end, including consumer ordering & revenue channel management, loyalty & marketing, order fulfillment, culinary operations, and delivery management.