Empower Delivery Reveals Cunningham Restaurant Group as Newest Client

Top 25 Independent Restaurant Group Offers Guests the Quality They Expect, Now in a Delivery Setting

Indianapolis, IND. - February 26, 2024 -Empower Delivery, the software company that enables delivery-centric restaurants to profitably and sustainably serve off-premise demand, proudly announces Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) as a customer. CRG, a renowned Indianapolis-based restaurant group, is set to revolutionize the delivery experience with the launch of its delivery kitchen powered by Empower Delivery's cutting-edge software. Guests will be able to order items from the menus of such favorites as Livery, Mesh, BRU Burger Bar, Union 50, Modita, and Tavern at the Point. All meals are prepared made-to-order in one central kitchen. This move marks the upscale dining company’s first foray into the rapidly growing delivery market.

"We're excited to bring our guests the highest quality delivered meals through our partnership with Empower Delivery.  This is our first delivery kitchen. We waited to enter the delivery space until we knew we could perfect our offering for our guests.  Empower Delivery creates the opportunity for us to offer delivery at a standard our guests expect from CRG.  The software will provide us with an end-to-end solution for food delivery, controlling the entire process – starting with our own delivery kitchen and drivers," says Mike Cunningham, Founder at Cunningham Restaurant Group.

The strategic move towards delivery aligns with CRG's vision for growth. Empower Delivery enables local restaurant groups like CRG to expand within their existing geographies by tapping into a new setting: delivery. This approach allows CRG to leverage its exceptional food, brand reputation, and loyal customer base in a way that remains consistent with its core values.

As CRG ventures into the delivery landscape with Empower Delivery, they aim to set a new standard for the industry, creating a seamless and profitable delivery experience that mirrors the excellence patrons have come to expect from their dine-in services.

"In an era where guests have grown accustomed to expensive, cold, and inaccurate deliveries, our software changes the game by making delivery not just convenient for consumers, but also high-quality," says Meredith Sandland, CEO of Empower Delivery. ”We can’t think of a better partner to continue our software’s adoption. CRG has the highest expectations for guest service.  Working with them to bring this project to life has been inspiring. Their attention to detail and thought for the guest experience sets them apart. We look forward to their bringing this excellence to the world of delivery.”

Empower Delivery's software presents a game-changing solution to the pitfalls of third-party delivery services. Where third-party delivery services introduce expense, errors and delays due to their inability to coordinate all parts of the process, the Empower Delivery system harmonizes each step to ensure the best possible consumer experience.

The system includes capabilities for the main ingredients in a restaurant delivery order: the consumer, the kitchen and the driver. With native first-party ordering, real-time quote-times, notifications, loyalty and remarketing, the consumer journey is seamless. With smart fire times, KDS (Kitchen Display System) orchestration and expo station management, Empower kitchens operate quietly and efficiently. With a more affordable driver management app tuned to keep drivers busy, food is delivered promptly at low cost resulting in a more positive experience for the driver and customer.

Empower Delivery's software ensures a first-party delivery experience at its finest, offering a more affordable, faster, and better alternative to traditional third-party services. CRG aims to redefine consumer expectations for delivery, raising the bar for accuracy, quality, and speed.

About Cunningham Restaurant Group

Since 1997, Cunningham Restaurant Group (CRG) has been committed to creating unforgettable dining experiences. CRG owns and operates locations in Indiana, Kentucky, and Ohio.  Visit www.crgdining.com to see all locations, make reservations, or to explore private dining opportunities.  Visit crgdelivery.com to order from the new delivery kitchen.

About Empower Delivery
Empower Delivery offers software-as-a-service (SaaS) that enables delivery-centric restaurants to better serve delivery. Empower Delivery offers products including an end-to-end order-to-fulfillment system and a driver dispatch system.