June 27, 2024

How to Turn Every Delivery into a Repeat Customer: Key Strategies for Restaurants

Discover how to enhance customer loyalty and drive repeat business through effective delivery services.

Delivery is no longer just a “nice-to-have” service – it’s an extension of your restaurant’s brand and a pivotal touchpoint in building guest loyalty. By utilizing the right strategies, you can turn every delivery into an opportunity for repeat business that drives profitability for this growing channel.

Control and Utilize Your Guest Data

Own your guest data to create personalized experiences that go beyond the meal. Use this data to send customized offers, celebrate special occasions like birthdays, and reward loyalty. Analyzing order patterns helps tailor your menu and promotions, directly impacting repeat orders and guest satisfaction. 

For restaurants relying heavily on third-party platforms, you know you’re missing out on a lot of valuable data, limiting opportunities for personalized marketing and direct engagement. By using technology like Empower Delivery, you can handle third-party orders yourself. This means you get to keep all the data from your delivery orders and action it effectively to drive repeat business.

Ensure a Consistent Brand Experience from Start to Finish

Your brand’s promise doesn’t end at the kitchen. It extends to how the meal is delivered, which includes how it’s packaged, its temperature upon arrival, and the professionalism of the delivery process. 

When you can maintain strict control over these elements, you ensure that guests receive the same quality and service they would expect dining in your restaurant. This consistency in the delivery experience ensures that the next time they crave a burger on a Wednesday night or need a quick meal because they forgot to get the chicken out of the freezer, your restaurant is a reliable go-to. 

Foster a Sense of Community

For many restaurant owners, creating a vibrant community hub is at the heart of why you started a restaurant in the first place. Traditionally, this vision has centered around the physical space of the restaurant. But delivery doesn't have to feel detached from your restaurant's community spirit. In fact, it can enhance how you engage with your guests by making your offerings more accessible and convenient.

You can foster community through delivery by: 

  • Including personalized thank-you notes
  • Offering special menu items exclusive to your delivery service
  • Keeping guests in the loop about upcoming events, menu changes, or special promotions
  • Promoting local community events or charities
  • Encouraging feedback on delivery orders through follow-up emails or messages
  • Implementing delivery-specific loyalty rewards that incentivize regular ordering

These strategies not only boost repeat business, but also strengthen your guests’ loyalty to your brand and story.

Actively Seek and Utilize Guest Feedback

Create a two-way dialogue between you and your delivery customers by regularly asking for and acting on feedback. Delivery mess-ups are bound to happen, but addressing concerns quickly and kindly shows guests you are committed to excellent service, which enhances their trust and loyalty. 

If a lot of your delivery is being fulfilled by third-party services, consider shifting to own your delivery operations. This way, you can have more control over the last mile and implement changes more quickly. When you create a direct line to your guest, you can enable a much more personalized and agile service. 

Encourage customers to share their delivery experiences by offering incentives, such as discounts on future orders or entry into a giveaway. This not only increases the amount of feedback you receive but also fosters a continuous dialogue between you and your customers, making them feel valued and heard. This ongoing conversation is vital for keeping your service aligned with customer expectations and driving repeat business.

Use Technology to Enhance Engagement

The right technology is essential for amplifying your restaurant's delivery service and engaging with guests on a deeper level. Empower Delivery software gives you full control of your delivery operations, ensuring that every aspect of the service aligns with your brand's standards and values. This means you can offer a seamless experience that third-party providers cannot match – because they prioritize volume over quality. 

By using holistic technology, you also own all the data generated through every guest interaction. This data can drive repeat engagement and foster lasting relationships that boost the success of your restaurant. By managing your delivery service in-house, you protect your brand exactly as you envision it, and drive profitability through that amazing guest experience.

Drive Repeat Business and Profitability with Empower Delivery

Take your restaurant's delivery service to the next level and drive repeat business with Empower Delivery. Our technology empowers you to take full control of your delivery operations, ensuring you can offer your guests a consistent and high-quality delivery experience that delights them every time, and easily drives repeat business.